What am I up to this semester?

This semester (Spring 2020), I'll be studying abroad with SEA Semester as a part of class S-290 with the Global Ocean program headed to New Zealand. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, SEA is a really neat program where we'll spend the first 6 weeks of the semester (Jan 2 thru Feb 7th) on shore in Woods Hole, MA learning about New Zealand history, the chemistry and biology of the world's oceans, and about current conservation efforts to protect ocean areas. During the next 6 weeks (Feb 14th - March 23rd), we'll be sailing on a tall ship research vessel visiting various ports in New Zealand and collecting ocean data for our research projects.

If you'd like to follow along on our adventures, follow our official blog here! I'll also be adding my own personal experiences to the blog on this page if you'd like to hear my perspectives!

Blog Posts:

Port Stop: Wellington

Final port stop in New Zealand

Tags: SEA
Woohoo, arrival to Wellington! It was really surreal to be back in a bustling city, since in the time between leaving Auckland and now we’d seen so much wildlife and relatively few people. During watch that morning, we were still seeing dolphins and land was still hardly in sight -... [Read More]


A closer look to what we did during lab watch

Tags: SEA
During lab watch, we made progress on collecting data for all of our individual research papers. Since a lot of the work needed to be done around the clock, everyone participated equally in the lab’s activity regardless of what specific dataset their own project needed (with some exceptions for those... [Read More]

Port Stop: Auckland

First port stop in New Zealand

Tags: SEA
Before getting underway, we stayed in Auckland for the first few days to get acclimated to the ship and learn a bit more about standard operating procedures so we knew what to expect. During the day, we also took the time to walk around Auckland and visit the Auckland war... [Read More]